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24 June 2003 - Joanne (Melbourne, Australia)
Stitched free design: Madonna de Magnificat - small model
Hi, I'm Joanne from Melbourne, Australia. I've just completed and framed my first piece from Solaria. Through out the year and a half, I've had lots of fun stitching it. It is now hanging at home, greeting all visitors as they enter the front door of our house. Thankyou for the free designs, which gave me the opportunity to produce lovely work. I love the designs here on this site and plan to stitch many more such pieces of art to decorate my own place. Such pieces like these are like having your very own art gallery!

25 June 2003 - Daryll S.Fagarang (Philippines)
Stitched free design: Lady in Red - small model
I finished stitching the "Lady in Red". It's very magnificent! When anybody enters our home, they always say "Wow!".

21 July 2003 - Gina (Spain)
Stitched free design: Madonna de Magnificat - small model
Just saw it and I knew it had to stitch it. My friends say it is nearly a painting. It is very well done (I mean the pattern).
I am from the south of Spain, and I'm looking forward to stitch the Murillo's Virgen.

10 April 2004 - Zhao bing
Stitched free design: In loving memory
I finished my works at April 2nd 2004. I like the work and like the imagine also. Thank you for your design.

22 August 2004 - Daryll S.Fagarang (Philippines)
Stitched free design: The Praying Angel
Our teacher assigned us to make cross-stitches as our projects. I chose to stitch "The Praying Angel" because my mother likes angels. After stitching for 1 week, I passed the project. My teacher gave me a perfect score because of the wonderful and unique design!

22 August 2004 - Daryll S.Fagarang (Philippines)
Stitched free design: Red Roses
I have finished stitching Red Roses! It's really wonderful...I have framed it and I will put it beside my cross-stitch of Mama Mary as an offering for Her. I wanna do more cross-stitches from Solaria gallery designs because visitors always stare at my beautiful cross-stitches and they're always say that my cross-stitches are beautiful!

24 August 2004 - Daryll S.Fagarang (Philippines)
Stitched free design: Camellias
Yes! I have completed stitching Camellias and I will put it on the other side of Mama Mary as another offering for her. My friends said that Red Roses and Camellias really match. I am very thankful to God and also to Solaria Gallery for giving great and wonderful patterns. Free patterns really save money. Actually, I collected all those free patterns of Solaria Gallery as a sign of appreciation for their well-made patterns. I hope that Solaria Gallery will give more free patterns!

22 December 2004 - Ruth
Stitched free design: Golden Lilies
I just started cross stitching a couple of months ago. Golden Lilies was my first non-kitted piece, which I stitched for my neice's third birthday since her name is Lily and there were three lilies in the design. She watched me over the weeks as I stitched it and was so excited even before it was finished. Thank you for making a little girl and her aunt so happy. :-)

30 December 2004 - Cris Janssens (Brazil)
Stitched free design: Rye - small model
My sister wanted somenting that could remind her a bit of nature in a city like Sao Paulo/Brazil, and with the Rye, she feels like in the country side. It is like a window on her room. thanks you. : )

20 August 2005 - Thuong Nguyen (San Francisco)
Stitched free design: The Grape-gatherer (small model)
Dear Ms. Ivanova,

Your designs are outstanding. They're so vivid, detail and beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing them.

I found your website when I started to pick-up stitching again last year and wanted to stitch something larger and more complicate than the 4"x5" pattern. After I spent 6 weeks stitching and finished your free small pattern of "Grape-gatherer" by the end of May 2004, I knew I wanted more of your patterns. So I ordered the "Christ at the Door" pattern. It took me a whole year to finish but I finished it at the end of June 2005.

Attached are pictures of my two finished pieces. I finally got the "Grape-gatherer" frame and hang beginning this year, as you could see in the picture. I gave the "Christ at the Door" to my Godmother. She loves it and in the process of getting it frame too. I'm now looking forward to start stitching more of your patterns.

Again, thank-you for your generosity to share many wonderful patterns with us for free. Keep up the good work and keep designing more new patterns.

Happy stitching,

Thuong Nguyen from San Francisco, California.

17 February 2009
Stitched design: Love Biscornu - small model

16 December 2009 - Malvina Tomova (Bulgaria)
Stitched design: Blackwork Tulips - small model

Stitched on Cashel 28 count.

24 January 2010 - Michel JACCAUD (France)
Stitched free design: "Eastern Endless Knotwork" and "Love Biscornu 1 & 2"
bonjour j'ais pris beaucoup de plaisir a brober ces biscornus et le porte cles amicalement.

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