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        Our company Solaria is specialized in computer design and programming. About 10 years ago we started designing with our own software charts of gobelin tapestries (with gobelin stitch and petit point stitch) from paintings of popular artists and assembling kits for our customers. All our designs are adaptable to cross stitch too.

        The interest about our gobelins in Bulgaria is extraordinary. We have a lot of thousands of customers of our kits here, in Bulgaria. In addition we contribute very successfully to few craft journals in our country.

Some of our publications
in Bulgarian Needlework magazine "Dona":

Some of our publications
in Bulgarian Craft magazine "Do it yourself":

        In this moment in Bulgaria the embroidery of gobelin tapestries is again in a flowering. To a greet extent this is due to our new designs.

        In Bulgaria and in the countries in our region people use first of all gobelin stitch and petit point stitch, and they are interested in large models of gobelin tapestries, mostly on religious theme, portraits and landscapes.  For this reason our designs are large and comparatively difficult.

        For our foreign customers we offer only charts now, later  - may be kits too. In all cases we use Secure Online Ordering with CCNow Service.

        Here you can see some scanned images of my designs.

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