Contents of Kits

Every kit includes: color image of design,
black & white symbol pattern,
22 ct fabric with yellow thread on every 20 threads,
DMC pre-sorted floss and needle.
Title Page
Title page with color design image and design info (design size, number of colors, etc.)

background 1:4

Details 1:1
Black & white symbol pattern on paper size A3. The pattern can include some paper sheets. If a design includes different sheets for the background and for some details, read "How to stitch a design with detail".
22 ct fabric with yellow thread on every 20 threads. Two squares extra fabric on each side are provided.
DMC (or Venus) presorted floss, marked with symbols. Threads length is calculated for petit-point stitch with two strands over one strand of the fabric.
Designs without details: English, Russian
Designs with details: English, Russian
Gold eye embroidery needle

Catalog 2007
The new catalog for 2007 comprises information for more than 140 designs -
color image, variants, sizes and number of colors.
32 full-color pages A4 - 21 x 29 cm, Bilingual (English/Bulgarian)

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