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Catherine - email: casbug44811@yahoo.com
Favourite gobelin: Madonna Of the Grapes

I fell in love with this painting the first time I saw a copy of it. All Posters no longer carries the poster so I was searching for another copy. This led me to your web page. Of course I ordered it right away. Can't wait to start stitching.

michelle d'souza - email: mcube8@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for the free designs. Each one of them is more beautiful than the other. Thanks...michelle

Liubov - email: Larsen@dkd.lt
Favourite site: Solaria

, !!! . !!! .

Sharon Lawson - email: shalaw@earthlink.net

What a wonderful new look you have to your site. I love all your charts. I can't pick just one. I stitched the freebie of the Madonna de Magnificat. She came out more stunning than the picture. I receive more compliment on her. I want to do the Gathering

Mary Anne - email: aussiemim@aol.com

your designs are beautiful. I'd love to be able to purchase a catalog. How do I get one

kathy - email: kathy_mar
Favourite gobelin: flowers, landscapes

all your works are wonderful. thanks for the free designs

yang jeong-uk - email: yangshsow@hotmail.com

thanks~~~ your free designs`~~

Sharon - email: sfarshing@mediaone.net

Your patterns are the most beautiful that I have ever seen. It is so kind and gracious of you to share them. Thank you very much. Your work is inspiring and after completion of one of the projects one has a real "work of art".

Patricia Day - email: xstitchpatsy@yahoo.com
Favourite site: yours
Favourite gobelin: how can I choose?

Your patterns are the most beautiful I have seen, in fact I have purchased a few now, they are truely wonderful!

silvia - email: silvia_sianipar@hotmail.com
Favourite gobelin: Stiching the standard

This is the best site that I ever visit

Elizabeth - email: eholley@ridgewood.k12.nj.us

I have been hunting for a chart of St. Michael, the patron sait of police officers!!! The free design is magnificent!!! Thank you so much!

Vivian - email: vivbales@telusplanet.net

I just discovered your site and haven't had much of a chance to look around but I LOVE your Lady Di and Princess Diana pictures...I've saved them and hope I can do them justice. Thank you for your great work. Viv from Canada (still mourning the passing of

m de schepper - email: cyberopoe@hotmail.com
Favourite site: i like all
Favourite gobelin: i like all

i love your paterns, but i cant print becaeuse the paterns are to big for the a4 printer i have so i can only a small part and not the hole patern. if you now how i can print please let my now . thank you. bye

Karen - email: onlyepals@hotmail.com

I love these designs!! Thanks for them!!

sylvie blanchard - email: sybl@wanadoo.fr
Favourite site: ellen maurer-stroh


Denise - email: celticdreamer@att.net
Favourite site : religious
Favorite gobelin: grape-gatherer

Your site is very beautiful and very well put together!!!Thank you for your pages!!

hedie - email: hbergonia@yahoo.com
Favorite gobelin: portraits

i just love your designs. of all the freebies i've seen on the net, yours are just fantastic and very beautiful. thanks! hope to see more angels/cherubs in your free designs in the future. more power

June Gilbert - email: june.gilbert@ceo.adl.catholic.edu.au

Have just found your site. Believe your design are magnificent. I only hope my needlework is good enough for your designs.

Gessica - email: gessicapadovan@libero.it

I'm an italian girl and I want to say that your site is great and beautiful! Compliments!

Mary Doris Casha - email: casha.j@mail.global.net.mt
Favourite site: Solaria
Favorite gobelin: Princess Diana

This is the best site I have visited so far. Keep it up. I am a cat lover and would like to see some charts in your lovely collection of freebies.

Donna from Canada - email: aunt_2_5@yahoo.ca
Favorite gobelin: Lady DI

Your desighns are the best! Do you have a catalogue?

Vicky - email: vickyg@skyenet.net
Favourite site: www.solaria.online.bg/
Favorite gobelin: all

I have been xstitching for sometime, and your patterns are very elegant..Thanks!

Favorite gobelin: portraits

I am amazed at how beautiful in colour and detail the designs are.I have sewn two of the freebies, stitching the standard and lady in red.Family and friends are astonished at how realistic and beautiful- especially lady in red-they are. Just because there

Victoria - email: roseella46@webtv.net
URL: http://community.webtv.net/roseella46/THEWONDERSOFLOVE
Favorite site: I love any cross stitch site.
Favorite gobelin: Princess Di she was a wonderful Lady

Thank you for your wonderful site. I is enjoyable to me to set and look at the things you have made. I like to tell people when they have made a nice site for people to enjoy, could you add some native american pictures? I am of native american blood and

rossana santos - email: itchy_ears@yahoo.com
Favorite site: http://www.lilootes.com/

please add mor freebies.

Penny Cranek - email: Bubbapenny@msn.com

Your work is very beautiful.

Regina in North Carolina - email: hicksr@ncat.edu

I am so glad to see your site again! Your designs are so delightful and colorful. The victorian style is definitely an interest to me.

Karen in Canada - email: me_xstitch@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/me_xstitch/index.html
Favorite site: Portraits
Favorite gobelin: The Girl With Book

One word comes to mind to describe these pages: EXQUISITE!!! I'll be coming again and again, thanks to my dear friend Ann!!!

Linda Marsh - email: MarshX5@shaw.ca
Favorite site: Solaria
Favorite gobelin: Princess Diana because my daughter adores her

I am very excited about stitching your designs. They are absolutely beautiful. I've looked at the instructions - they're very different from what I'm used to, but I hope my understanding will produce a lovely cross stitch for my daughter.

Lorraine - email: lorraine.duncan@frst.govt.nz

Welcome back. It is so nice to see your new web site.

Kirsten - 08/20/00 22:15:25 email: kirstenh@paradise.net.nz
Favorite gobelin: Toast of Love

I love your charts. I am stitching Toast of Love and it's absolutely beautiful. The colours are great.

Ivet - 06/12/00 06:52:33 URL:http://www.geocities.com/neonart_2000/
email: ivet40@hotmail.com
Favorite gobelin: the new one you sent me ;-)

Dear Solaria, a lots of things join us, and a lots of ones appart us, but the common is the art we do. Your art is gorgeous because you are the nicest person I've ever met (not realy exactly but I hope some day...) Keep the light in your art works and in your soul! ;-)

Patricia Day - 05/18/00 22:56:46 email: xstitchpatsy@yahoo.com
Favorite gobelin: Prayer of Christ
Your favorite site: Here

I have just finished one of your charts, they are wonderful. Am just about to start the Blessing of Christ. Keep up the fantastic work, your charts are really wonderful. The ladies at my stitch club have also fallen in love with them, so hopefully they will be putting in orders as well. Thank you once again.

Alexander Pitzigoev - 04/22/00 13:20:33 email: pitzigoev@yahoo.com
Favorite gobelin: all of them
Your favorite site: this is my favorite for now.

I'm telling you people, this is one pretty site. And it's maker is one good person. I know that because she is a friend of mine. I'm visiting this site now and I'll visit it in the future. P.S. Sorry, my English is not so good:)))

Tess - 03/22/00 13:47:53 email: grantpat@camtech.net.au
Favorite gobelin: The Angel of the White Lily & The birth of Venus
Your favorite site: Solaria

Beautiful detailed patterns of exquisite subjects. I am going to be very busy stitching now I have found this site. Would love to see in the future some icons and alot more angels. Thank you for making this site such a pleasure to visit.

Lorraine Duncan - 02/02/00 20:39:57 email: lorraine@frst.govt.nz
Favorite gobelin: The Angel of the White Lily

Wonderful site. I have complete stitching the standard and hope to start lady in red very soon.

Lida - 01/27/00 16:00:51 email: lidamaster@chat.ru
Favorite gobelin: St. Ekatherine
Your favorite site: Your site

Thank you for beautifull chart. COOL

Sharon L. - 01/22/00 21:50:35 email: mwest@ozline.net
Favorite gobelin: Madonna de Magnificat
Your favorite site: Sue's Freebie Finder

I found your site about 2 months ago and have been here several times. I started the Madonna de Magnificat just before Thanksgiving and have almost finished her. I stitch on her at work during lunch and many of my co-workers stop by to see the progress. The colors are beautiful and she is also. I can't wait to finish her. Thanks for the patterns and I will be doing more.

Leona - 09/24/99 19:34:02 email: Ladyze@aol.com

This is my first visit to your web site. It is so interesting. I will certainly return to it many times in the future. I must thank the person who told me about this web site. Thanks for all the work you must put into it.

Terri Fizer - 09/21/99 18:32:59 email: terrifizer@earthlink.net
Favorite gobelin: The lady on Horseback
Your favorite site: Solaria is one of 'em!

Don't remember the exact title of my favorite, but I remember the price! But I'll have it...someday. Love all of your prints, any of you still having problems with printing, if you use IBM compatibles and Windows programs, email me and I'll try to help if Solaria is too busy making new patterns.

yasmin yong - 07/13/99 08:47:37

i really like the sunflower design and hope you could have more free patterns especially floral patterns for me to download.

Marion G. Paquin - 07/08/99 21:58:23 email: mgpaquin@aol.com
Favorite gobelin: The Virgin of the Grapes
Your favorite site: Too hard to pick just 1.

Your Gobelins look absolutely beautiful, and I am looking forward to stitching several.

Barb - 07/02/99 18:44:26 Your favorite site: This one!

Your charts are the most gorgeous I have ever seen! Thank you for all your hard work and for providing us with these wonderful charts!

Rachele Christga-Moore - 06/23/99 16:22:44 email: Christgau-MooreR@capitagroup.co.uk
Favorite gobelin: Madonna de Magnificat, Virgin of the Grapes, Lady Di
Your favorite site: Lots of them

This has to be the best site for 'Madonnas' I have come across. Its brilliant to find them done in such detail and so many. When I get the patterns I am going to have a lot of work!!!

Liz Mitchell - 06/05/99 10:22:30 URL:http://www.freeserve.net
email: Elizabeth@Lee046.freeserve.co.uk
Favorite gobelin: Lady in red
Your favorite site: Sues cross stitch freebie finder

Absolutely amazing freebies. Look stunning!! Can anyone tell me what materials best to use and what stitch count works best? Solaria, keep up the good work!!

Carolynne - 06/01/99 01:22:44 email: bbayaqua@basshams.com.au
Favorite gobelin: Lady in Red

Just surfing and found your site. My Mum was delighted as she is always looking for new charts that are different and they're free - FANTASTIC - Can hardly wait to see what appears this month. We had difficulty printing the graphs too but with a bit of pe serverance it worked - try usinng foolscap paper and adjusting your print properties to landscape. It worked for us!!

Zdravka Dimitrova - 05/26/99 01:51:49 email: taban@icdc.com
Favorite gobelin: too many
Your favorite site: same

What a nice surprise ! Keep up the good work and best of luck . One question - can I order both the chart and the thread ?

Michelle - 05/14/99 14:47:27 email: LadyTaigan@aol.com
Favorite gobelin: Master Hare

This is a wonderful web page! Your potraits, landscapes are just absolutely beautiful. I will be ordering a catalog in the future.

J. McNeil-Smith - 04/22/99 14:14:35 email: jmc@yorku.ca

I was most interested to find your site. I will continue to visit as I am always looking for new and different designs. May you prosper. J. McNeil-Smith Toronto, Ontario. Canada

Teresa - 04/10/99 04:30:16

I loved looking at your religious designs. I was looking for a cross stitch design of the Virgin of Guadulupe and found your web page. Lovely patterns.

Kathy - 03/23/99 23:13:05 email: Lbeaver@dc.jones.com
Favorite gobelin: View of the Sea

Wonderful designs! I want all of them! I have to settle for ordering them a few at a time though. The free charts are great. Will you do any more Michaelangelo or Botticelli angels?

Rachelle M Robles - 03/15/99 04:39:12 email: cheng@cbc.cybat.sequel.net
Favorite gobelin: Madonna
Your favorite site: too many to mention

Great site!!! Loved the free charts!!!

Kathy Ladew - 02/18/99 19:13:56 Favorite gobelin: Lady Di
Your favorite site: to many to name

Just downloaded the Lady Di graph can't wait to start it. My sister loves her and I will do it for her Birthday. Kathy

Lynda - 02/05/99 13:43:07 email: rmoss@strato.net

I adore your designs, especially the free charts you offer.

Pat - 02/03/99 07:59:00 email: beaufat@aol.com
Favorite gobelin: Madonna
Your favorite site: all cross stitch sites

I love your patterns, but am unable to download an entire pattern ....help!

Sherry Neufeld - 01/20/99 00:06:08 email: wsen@the.link.ca

Your patterns are beautiful... I'm going to search a bit for an address to send a money order to. Thank you very much for the free patterns, they are so lovely.

Petia Staneva - 01/08/99 01:39:18 URL:http://www.vtt.co.jp/staff/petia/petia.html
email: staneva@vtt.co.jp
Favorite gobelin: Princess Swan (but also many others)
Your favorite site: There are many

Excellent page and mostly work. I'd like that there is Gobelin of the Month section, and also the Home Page is always fresh. Excellent job, Tanya! Nadyavam se che tse prodylgavash vse taka! Best, Petia

Darlene Bik - 12/23/98 19:28:32 email: dbik@bik.com

Hi: Glad you found the Pals Bulletin Board. I live in California about 7 miles from the ocean in the middle of the state. I'm continually amazed how the Internet has allowed us to meet people from all over the world.

Claire B - 12/12/98 16:55:09 URL:http://members.tripod.com/~CRUSIN66/xcross.html
email: stitchn98@hotmail.com
Favorite gobelin: Madonna and Child

Absolutely most lovely set of religious pictures I have seen in a long time. I plan to visit often to see what is shown. I will return to decide on which Madonna picture I would like to stitch to hang in my home. Come visit my page of Cross Stitching R sources. Claire

Joyce A. Brown - 12/02/98 03:22:19 email: jabkeb@sowega.net
Favorite gobelin: Cannot choose only one.
Your favorite site: Same.

Am eager to receive the catalog. Others here will like your gobelins as much as I do. Would like to see more landscapes.

Nikki Morin - 11/20/98 04:35:10 email: nmorin@ctel.net
Favorite gobelin: Prayer of Christ

I hope you got my e mail. I just love your designs and visit your site often just to look at them again and again. Had trouble printing all of Master Hare, but with help, finally got it. I look forward to learning something about you, when you get that portion of the web site "constructed". You are a very talented person, keep it up.

- 11/13/98 23:48:44 email: mjgavin5@yahoo.com
Favorite gobelin: The Prayer of Christ

Very nice Site.

Carol A Kadis - 11/06/98 19:33:42 email: CAK1001@AOL.COM
Favorite gobelin: Crucifixion
Your favorite site: too many to list

You pictures are beautiful. Wish you all the success in you upcoming project. Can"t wait to be able to stitch some of these great pictures. Will check you site often. May God bless you. Carol

Carol - 10/24/98 10:56:35 email: nz-geese@ihug.co.nz
Favorite gobelin: Princess Diana

Are your designs for sale? Where can I find the list of prices? How much is Princess Diana? I love your work so much and look forward to seeing more of your designs - you are truely talented.

Eileen Perket - 10/21/98 00:23:51 email: eperket@pitnet.net
Favorite gobelin: The View of the Sea

I'm not sure just what this is all about but I did enjoy looking at all your samples

Sandy Ross - 09/28/98 22:31:42 URL:http://home.att.net/~kaylaross
email: kaylaross@worldnet.att.net

I love the work that you do. I keep coming back to this page as if something is drawing me to it. I cannot wait to see your catalog and kits that will be available.

Marie - 09/14/98 22:27:44 URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/4084
email: mawre@netmcr.com
Favorite gobelin: all are beautiful

You do beautiful work! Enjoyed seeing the Gallery.

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