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When purchasing from us you give your Credit Card Information to CCNow,
then they transfer the money to Solaria Gallery. In the Process your
Credit Card Number will NOT be available to any of Solaria personal.

Please, take into consideration, that we are in Europe and the cost of the check processing is 8 Euro (about US $8.00). This cost MUST to be added to the Sub-Total.

If you prefer this kind of payment, please follow next instructions:

    Step 1: Send e-mail to with following ordering information:
Code Gobelin Name Type of Chart: 
1 - Cross stitch 
2 - with Detail
Qty Price in USD Cost
Sub - Total:  
Shipping cost: 
    8 USD
Total SUM  

    Shipping Information
City / State or Province / ZIP
Day / Eve Phone

    Step 2: Send check for Total SUM payable to Stoyanka Marinova Ivanova
with registered mail to address:

 Stoyanka Marinova Ivanova 
 post klon 50
 1750   SOFIA

    Step 1: Send e-mail to with ordering and shipping information.
    Step 2: Transfer Total SUM direct to:
Terms of Delivery after receiving of payment:
        for Europe: 7 - 14 days;
        for USA, Canada, Australia: 14 - 18 days;

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