Image Copyright and Permissions

All Solaria Gallery designs and their images are copyrighted by Stoyanka Marinova Ivanova and may not appear on any web site without the expressed written permission of Stoyanka Marinova Ivanova and Solaria Gallery.

These images are solely created and supplied by Solaria Gallery and permission to use these images must first be granted by Solaria Gallery before they be used on any web site.

We currently will only grant permission to use our images outside of Solaria Gallery's own web site to distributors and stores in needlework industry with a world wide web presence. At this time we are not granting use of our images to individuals or web sites that do not meet the criteria outlined above. Solaria Gallery also reserves the right to deny use of our images to any site.

However, any individual or company is free to create web links to the Solaria Gallery web site at the URL address This does not include permission to link to individual images on our web site.


To use the images of our designs (regardless the source - scanned from a chart / kit / catalog, downloaded from our web site, or taken as a picture of a stitched piece) for commercial or noncommercial purposes, you need to know this:

*** When you buy a design as a chart or as a kit, you buy only the pack, and you don't receive automatically the rights to use its image for your own commercial or noncommercial purposes.

*** If you don't sell our designs (charts or kits), you CAN'T show their images on your web store. This means, that you have to buy our designs (as charts or kits) for at least US$ 50 quarterly from Solaria Gallery or from our distributors.

*** If you have never bought a design (as chart or kit), you couldn't show it on your web store.

*** You have our permission to resize a design's image, but not to remove label "Solaria Gallery" from it.

*** You MUST add the name of the designer Stoyanka Ivanova (and "Solaria Gallery", when the image initially doesn't include it) under every used image of our design with a link to the page:
See the example below:

© Designer Stoyanka M. Ivanova
Solaria Gallery

Here is the HTML-source:
<font face="Arial" size=-1>
<a href="" target="_new">
&copy; Designer Stoyanka M. Ivanova<br>
Solaria Gallery</a></font>

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